Does Love Exist in The Heart of The City? Essay

Does Love Exist in The Heart of The City? Essay

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New York City, the city of love, right? Wait no, that’s Paris. CRAP. What is New York good for? Oh yeah, business. Everything in the city is related to business. Even love in the city is business. Jay-Z and Beyoncé may be a love story, but underneath it all the relationship works ultimately because they’re on the same level and they have the same standards of business. So I believe love is driven by motives. I know, the hypothesis IS cynical, but I truly believe that in a city like New York, some sort of motive drives each little thing. Even platonic love has motives.
Hov’s song “Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)” says, simply, that there ain’t no love in the heart of the city. It states that with more money comes more problems. It talks about since he’s a businessman, he doesn’t have time for bullshit. With success comes the jealousy of those around you, whether they may be fake with you and pretend to appreciate you or not. It says that he’s just trying to do him, and that his only concern is his business. Even though he’s so concerned with the business aspect of his life, he has all the luxuries that he wants when it comes down to it, so he just wants simple pleasures from life at this point.
I consider one of the hearts of the city to be Penn Station. It’s always crowded with people moving around to get places all around the country. The possibility of places to travel are infinite. I decided one Tuesday night to go to Penn Station to explore the motives and forces pushing people to travel around and why. I walk around the station that seems to always have this foodie smell that I can’t get enough of. Maybe because there’s a Taco Bell there? I don’t know, all I know is I love me some Taco Bell, so, I go to Taco Bell. Unfortun...

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...There definitely is truth in what Jay-Z is talking about, but when there is real, unmotivated love in the city it is extremely priceless. Love is a source of happiness in life; it’s a psychological necessity. When it’s pure it’s healthy, but when it’s not, problems arise. Although this is the case, people try to force connections and love because of hidden incentives. When this is the case, you can best believe it can end badly. To the girl from Columbia, I hope all works out for her. To Whiny and her minions, I hope no one gets hurt in the situation. And lastly, to the siblings I met in Union Square, I hope nothing, especially not a bad girlfriend or boyfriend, comes between you two. And to everyone else in the city looking for love, there’s no right or wrong place to look, but just guard your heart and try to assess whether it’s healthy or if it’s just motivated.

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