Does Household Structure Cause a Child to Become a Violent Individual? Essay

Does Household Structure Cause a Child to Become a Violent Individual? Essay

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Single-parent households solely influence children to become abusers of their spouses, children and themselves and are expected to experience domestic violence in their lives. Rather than having the balance of a two-parent home, single-parented children are constantly exposed to stress and ultimately become abusers themselves. This leads to a vicious and continuous cycle that could lead to the destruction of generations thereafter.
The trend of single-parent households are drastically increasing every year. One out of every two children will live with a single-parent at some time before they reach the age of 18 years old. The United States Census Bureau reported in 2002 that about 20 million children (more than one-fourth of all the children in the United States) lived in a household with only a mother or only a father. The United States has the highest percentage of single-parent families (34 percent in 1998) and is continuing to increase [Feltey]. The most common type of single-parent household is an adult mother and her biological children. In 2002, 16.5 million or 23 percent of all children were living with their single mother. Common belief would lead people to believe that most children live with one parent as a result of divorce, but generally single parents were most likely never married at all due to the consequence of accidental, unplanned and teenage pregnancies, as well as adult women who put off marriage to get ahead in their career and education.
One basic cause of single-parent households are divorce. Divorce can be caused by adultery/infidelity, midlife crisis, addictions, work holism and the stresses associated with the spouse’s career, strains on the relationship and also abuse. Abuse is defined as h...

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