Hip Hop Music Essay

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This study will incorporate a mixed research design for data collection and analysis. Data for this dissertation was gathered from a wide range of sources including information from reliable hip-hop websites and radio stations as well as other online sources with relevant information. This study recognizes the problem created by the role of corporate America in hip-hop music. Corporate America’s involvement in hip-hop has contributed a lot to furtherance of stereotypes against black Americans, undermining of women and promoting crime. The people most affected are the young people across all races, who idolize hip-hop artists (Darby, Shelby, & Irwin, 2011). The study showed a great deal of information that point to the corporate worlds’ influence on hip-hop artists. This information will contributing to helping scholars and regulatory bodies to understand and sole the problem of negativity in the media. The information will also be relevant in resolving crimes in the country. Major companies and organizations in the US fund artist projects and assume control over the artist’s production, performance, lyrics, and video images. Through endorsement deals, major businesses and hip-hop artists create a partnership that is destructive to their audiences in terms of influencing their mindset and driving the community towards a criminal direction. Most of the hip-hop artists in the mainstream are blacks, who are used by major businesses to promote stereotypes against the black Americans. In order to assess the impact of hip-hop on criminal activities, this essay examined data from major hip-hop sites such as Hip-hop DX, rap basement, and rap rehab. Information on these websites revealed that the hip-hop culture accommodates violence throug... ... middle of paper ... ...ies make huge profits by controlling the content of artists’ productions. The artists have to produce songs that are appealing to the mass market so as to increase sales. In return, artists get lucrative development deals that come along with packages such as life insurance, counseling, and mentorship, advance payments. Major media companies such as MTV, BET, Power 106, and Hot97, who specialize on the hip-hop culture also, play a role in influencing the minds of the fans and using hip-hop as a means of enhancing criminal stereotypes of the black male in America. These media channels focus on playing music that has violent content, vulgar lyrics, and obscene images (Hampton, Gullotta, & Ramos, 2006). This helps the media channels to attract more fans and make more profits from hip-hop at the expense of facilitating development of crime and disrespect towards women.

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