Essay on The Documentary, Roger And Me, By Michael Moore

Essay on The Documentary, Roger And Me, By Michael Moore

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The documentary, Roger and Me, by Michael Moore details the account of a town’s collapse after its main job supplier was eradicated. The town of Flint was long supported by a GM manufacturing plant. Multiple generations of families had been employed by this factory which was shut down by General Motors CEO and Chairman, Roger Smith. The effects of this closing can be seen in three major themes in sociology: social class within Flint became very distinct; poverty significantly increased along with its consequences; and the cycle of poverty was very easily identified in the aftermath of this collapse.
After closing the GM factory, social classes in Flint were more easily recognizable, citizens were either poor or wealthy. The rich residents of Flint were blind to the struggles of the rest of the population. Through many interviews, it was evident that they believed there was not a problem. At the golf course, comments by the wealthy display their attitude that the poor are lazy and that welfare is fully functional and without flaw. Wealthy citizens of Flint also attended many parties, such as the Great Gatsby party shown in the film. At this party, they wanted to include the poor, so they did not seem “insensitive.” In order to do this, they hired locals to be human statues for the party, as if this wasn’t insensitive. These wealthy citizens also threw a party at the new jail before its opening. Couples would get booked, fingerprinted, get a mug shot taken, and also be given a free breathalyzer test. Citizens would dress up in costumes and sleep in a jail cell overnight. These types of occasions make light of what people in jail go through and promotes ignorance. By throwing parties in jail, it produces the idea that jail is an ea...

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... enterprises had closed within months furthering the town’s debt. As its residents’ poverty increased, crime also rose which created the need for a new jail. Flint was continually forced to spend on necessities that it could not afford, leading it to be named the worst city in America to live in.
The result of Roger Smith closing the GM plant in Flint, Michigan caused widespread poverty among most of the town, creating a steep divide between the rich and poor. This poverty caused an increase of crime and the town went into further debt in an attempt to rejuvenate its population. The town and those affected fell into a culture of poverty trying to recover from the economic crash. While most of the residents and town struggled, the wealthy continued to live their lives from a standpoint that the situation was nowhere near as bad as the rest of the population claimed.

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