Do You Know Yourself? Essay

Do You Know Yourself? Essay

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Do you know yourself? If you were to look in the mirror right now could you see the image of you staring back? If you were standing in front of God right now could you explain to Him who you are? If you were to write a paper right and answer the prompt: “Who are you” could you do it?

If you answered no to one of these questions then you 're in good shape. If you answered no to two of these questions then you 're in even better shape and if you answered no to all of these then you 're in great shape. This may seem strange right now, but let me explain. Not knowing yourself is totally acceptable. The way I look at it is that the less you know yourself, the more you lean on God to help solve your confusion. If someone were to ask me these questions just a couple years back, my answers would be for sure no’s. I had absolutely no idea who I was and I am able to tell you from experience that it is OK to not know who you are. This is your opportunity to put your life into God 's hands and to let him lead you to the answers.

Sophomore year was a difficult time. I was faced with obstacles and challenges that were nothing like I had ever experienced. I was always told that friend groups never stick together for all 4 years of highschool, but I was determined to not let that happen to my group of friends. Little did I know that a few weeks into the summer 2 of my closest friends would stop talking to me. I had absolutely no idea why, but it just happened. I would try to reach out to them, but they would ignore me. The tension grew and I couldn’t help but blame myself. I kept thinking back on the past months and I couldn’t come up with a single reason why they would be mad at me. The more time went by that they would avoid me...

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...izzy hair, my shortness, my toe thumbs, my freckles, my acne, my anxiety, my stress, my struggles, my fears just to name a few. But he also gave me my weird laugh, my yellowish teeth, my frizzy hair, my shortness, my toe thumbs, my freckles, my acne, my anxiety, my stress, my struggles, my fears. Yes, you heard me right. I 've learned to accept that the parts of me that I used to hate. Each one of my insecurities makes me different from all the rest of the people in the world. I give full credit and praise to God for creating me as I am.

Itś your turn now, so let me ask again.

Do you know yourself? If you were to look in the mirror right now could you see the image of you staring back? If you were standing in front of God right now could you explain to Him who you are? If you were to write a paper right now and answer the prompt: “Who are you” could you do it?

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