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Do The Right Thing Directed By Spike Lee Essay

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The film Do the Right Thing was directed by Spike Lee and came out in 1989. Not only did Spike Lee direct it, he starred in the film playing the character Mookie. The film addresses racism and police brutality problems in our society, and watching this film 26 years later, one can still relate to these problems today. Do the Right Thing still impacts today, because what happened in the film and what the film addresses still happens today throughout America. Even though times have changed some things haven’t changed as much as we thought it would.

The opening credits was a woman dancing very powerfully to the song “Fight the Power.” And this song will be heard throughout the film, as Radio Raheem plays it on his boombox repeatedly. This film took place in Bed-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Mookie was played by Spike Lee, and he worked for Sal’s Pizzeria. Sal is an Italian-American that owns Sal’s Pizzeria and he has two sons, Pino and Vito, who helped him run the pizzeria. However, Pino the older son, did not like the people of Bed-Stuy because of their race and does not like Mookie. He thinks Mookie doesn’t do his job at the pizzeria. But Vito, the younger son, gets along with Mookie. There is a Korean couple that owns a small corner deli, Radio Raheem a big man that always carries a boom box with him, Buggin Out who is Mookie’s friend and Smiley who has a disability. These characters play a crucial role in this film.

The film revolves around Sal’s family, his pizzeria, and Mookie that works there. It starts off being the hottest day of the year in Bed Stuy, so hot people can’t even sleep. As Sal is opening up his pizzeria, Pino voices his opinion of how he does not like Bed-Stuy or the people in Bed Stuy, whereas Sal says these peo...

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...ul in what Lee’s message and artistically successful. It’s filmed in a non intimidating way, because when one watches it, one may or may not assume it could be done by a small production, such as present day YouTube users who direct short films. Also, in a way the name of the film was what this whole film about in a subtle way. I missed it the first time I watched this, but when Mookie threw the garbage can in Sal’s Pizzeria, I argue that it was the right thing to do. People on the block were angry at Sal because of Radio Raheem’s death and all attention was on him as if they wanted to kill him, but that 's when Mookie diverted the attention away from Sal. It could be seen as Mookie doing the right thing saving Sal’s life but the collateral damage being Sal’s career. This was a fun film filled with interesting visuals, music, jokes at times, and a powerful messages.

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