Do A Quick Google Search For The Name Of The Scholarly Journal Essay

Do A Quick Google Search For The Name Of The Scholarly Journal Essay

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Scholarly Dialogue
A. Before examining the article, do a quick Google search for the name of the scholarly journal. What did you find out about this journal? What kinds of works are published in this journal? How often is the journal published? What are the submission guidelines for prospective authors? Make sure to cite your sources in this response!
Trappings of Nationalism in Frederick Douglass’s “The Heroic Slave.” was published in June of 2000 by Krista Walter; the source type of the article is an academic journal and the document type is literacy criticism. (xxx). In addition, the works used by the author are most from paper about American abolition and slavery, also this papers are old and a little difficult to go through.
B. Next, find out about the author. What are the author’s credentials? What sources did you use to find out about the author’s background, education, previous publications, etc.?
Trappings of Nationalism in Frederick Douglass’s The Heroic Slave was wrote by Krista Walter who has a Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine, in 1991 and she is currently an English professor at Pasadena City College. She specializes in the fields of early African American writing, U.S cultural studies, and critical theory (Walter 233).
C. What is the author’s thesis statement? In other words: what is the main point running through the article? Be specific. Is the thesis easy to pick out? Does the author do a good job making his/her thesis clear and evident throughout the essay?
The main point of the article Trappings of Nationalism in Frederick Douglass’s “The Heroic Slave” is to describe and expose how tough and challenging was for slaves to scape and leave the slavery; owing to the fact, the slaveholders preven...

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...ism in Frederick Douglass’s The Heroic Slave was in fact helpful and supportive in order to expose Douglass’s efforts as an abolitionist. Considering, that this article made an easy thoughtful improve of my knowledge in the American abolitionist movement; providing enough details that reflect the process of the slavery and the important role of Frederick Douglass. According to Frederick Douglass beliefs and principles were emphasized in exhibit the mistreatment of the slaveholders elite such us “Union, Constitution, harmony, or American institutions” which Douglass designated them as “nothing more nor less than American slavery” against to the slaves. Moreover, Douglass believed that nationalism needed to be purify from the tainted discourse, so the original philosophical intentions were restoring in order to have a morality based in discourse abolitionist movement.

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