Essay on Diversity Profile Analysis for AutoZone and Walgreens

Essay on Diversity Profile Analysis for AutoZone and Walgreens

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Diversity in the retail marketplace is something that is significant to the company’s success. Retailers are comprised of people selling things to people. Thus, the people that do the selling must be a good representation of the people that are doing the buying. Companies that are well diversified in their hiring practices, as well as organizational goals, are well recognized by the public. Likewise, companies that are unjust in the functioning of their company will be viewed in a negative light, which could lead to decreased sales and company accountability. Taking this into consideration, observing the diversity profiles for two major retail companies can lead to a firm understanding behind their success and company values.
AutoZone and Walgreens are two retail companies that have been providing customers with products, and people with jobs, for years. The way about which both these companies do that is different, which leads to their differed success. AutoZone claims to be an equal opportunity employer, unbiased by religion, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. However, AutoZone does not prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression and for not providing same-sex partners with health coverage. Walgreens, however, was awarded a perfect score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Council Campaign for Corporate Equality, being named one of the best employers for LGBT in 2009. AutoZone primarily serves as a regional retailer while Walgreens is a mega corporation widely known nationwide. The sales for these two companies tell the story.
Walgreens states that they will treat each other with respect and dignity and do the same to all served. They will offer employees of all backgrounds a place t...

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...bsite, Walgreens allots the viewer to truly see how important diversity is to their company. By providing mission statements, company initiatives and goals, and links to outside websites dedicated solely to diversity practices, Walgreens establishes itself as one of the most diversified and successful companies in America. AutoZone does the opposite of this by discriminating against certain individuals and not protecting the rights of all who work for them. Further, they have made no efforts to enhance their public perspective. To fix this, they could start a grassroots movement at each individual store welcoming in minorities and attempting to get various people in the community involved. Then, at the national level, they could develop a firm understanding of their diversity policies and publish them in an easily accessible place on the company website.

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