Discrimination That Lives Today Society Today Essay

Discrimination That Lives Today Society Today Essay

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Discrimination that Lives in Society Today
Every Homosapien’s structure is uniquely made by God starting with our biological features. Due to this, there is discrimination in life today. It is related to ignorance that the world has taught their offsprings. The most common forms of discrimination in society are age, racial, and religious.
Age discrimination is usually found in the workplace with the elderly people. Society justifies their actions through the argument that the elderly need to give up their positions for younger people; this type of discrimination is known as ageism. Ageism is seen in all types of work industries . Target has recently been in the news for making their elderly team leaders quit or to get fired. Servers in the restaurant industry are discriminated by their customers. Comments all the time are blasted about how lethargic these individuals are. Everyone has their own opinion, but expressing hatred toward elderly people in front of them is beyond wrong. However, ageism is not only targeting the elderly it is also affecting the adolescents. Personally, I have experienced this when I went to the mall with a couple of friends. We left out the mall empty-handed, due to the fact that we were questioned “where are your parents” or we were followed in some of the more expensive stores that we went into. In our opinion, we felt like a person should not judge another based on how they look. The women that were following us and asking “where are your parents”actions were senseless to us. The saleswomen behavior was unacceptable because it was impossible for us to steal the prom dresses they had to offer and we were capable of buying our own materials we wanted. Society stereotyping of teens need to change an...

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...n to them. Recently a judge that was also a minister resigned so that he would not have to go against his belief of marrying a same-sex couple. Christians, Muslims, and orthodox Jewish facilities feel like they have been attacked by the government revoking their religious rights. Discriminated, humiliated a young Mormon was expelled from college because he refused to do the teacher 's assignment. The assignment was to put the word Jesus on a sheet of paper and step on it since this was against his religious belief he refused to.

Discrimination is not to be placed on one group of people, but society as a whole. It is living in prosperity and will continue unless society starts educating their young. A newborn is not brought into the world with hatred toward people,because of their age, race, or religion, so abolishing discrimination is possible if society steps up.

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