Discrimination of African American Women in Academics Essay

Discrimination of African American Women in Academics Essay

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Discrimination of African American Women in Academics
Human history is long and filled with discrimination. People with the same color discriminate others. The most famous and obvious is that the White people discriminate colored people. In addition, people within the same race discriminated their own member by their gender, religious, political stands, etc. Women have been discriminated for decades. Before race is an issue, women in difference race are discriminated by the opposite gender within their race. The matter causes the Black women, such as African American women, being discriminated in different work fields. They often experienced discrimination in different stage of their lives. However, they overcome all the struggles and discrimination by acting, building relations with people who benefited them and involved minimal in the White world. (Myers, 2002) Despite the fact that discrimination on African American women is everywhere, I will focus on the discrimination of African American women in academics. First, African American women has less opportunity on higher education than White women. Second, African American female scholar was looked down by White scholar in academic. Last, African American female scholar was treated unequally towards African American male scholar.
First, African American women has less opportunity on higher education than the White women. The racial discrimination started at 1870s and officially ended in 1954. During the racial discrimination, everything for Black people is separate from the White. Black people could not enter “White only” restaurant and facilities, such as restroom. Black teenagers who qualified for college were often blocking from traditional White own or operate school because...

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... same concern. The situation is hard to believe when we are living in the modern America. However, the fact is, it is happening around us. There are no immediate clues to stop the situation but to education our next generation and try to stop the discrimination.

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