Discrimination, Gender, And Gender Roles Essay

Discrimination, Gender, And Gender Roles Essay

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Discrimination has been around for a long time and will continue to exist if we insist on labeling and boxing individuals in categories that are meant to separate instead of unite. Discrimination is often times associated with race, religion and appearance. However, one of the biggest subjects discussed when referring to discrimination is gender roles. We live in a world where humans are social beings more than anything else. We have been conditioned to believe that everyone living in society has to abide by the imposed social construct. In particular, the indication of gender roles is heavily influential and prominent in many cultures around the world. So what are our universal gender roles? Universally, most societies believe that men are dominant and women are inferior. The ideology that a woman’s entire existence should be dedicated to caring for her husband and children is still commonly accepted by many cultures around the world. It is also the norm to believe women are weak therefore, a woman cannot handle a “man’s job” or any occupation outside of the home. Hence, why men discriminate against women when they attempt to enter the workplace.
One culture that illustrates the struggle of women trying to acquire jobs beyond the wall of their homes is the Indian culture. The International Labour Organization states, “While 80 percent of men in the region are either employed or searching for a job, the number of women is a lot lower: 32 percent”. The numbers are decreasing instead of increasing because of the accepted social norms and cultural perspectives of women in the workplace. International Labour Organization also states, “based on ILO’s Global Employment Trends 2013 reports, India ranks 11th from the bottom in female l...

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... instructions. In the novel, the protagonist Okonkwo owned many wives. He viewed his wives as properties and treated them like properties. Achebe states, “Okonkwo ruled his household with heavy hands. All of his wives, especially the youngest lived in perpetual fear” (8). There are many moments in history that reflects Okonkwo’s and his tribe’s views on a woman’s place in society. Obviously, we are still discussing the same views in today’s society in the form of discrimination in the workplace.
Truth is, discrimination in the workplace is not going to stop until we change the mentality of men. Yes, women are progressing and stepping out of their houses and challenging men in the workplace nonetheless, there is still inequality and discrimination. This problem cannot be fixed until there is a reformation on our views of women in society and what their roles are.

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