Discrimination Against The Disabled And Children With Disabilities Essay

Discrimination Against The Disabled And Children With Disabilities Essay

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More than 83 million people with disabilities live in China (Human Rights Watch, 2013) (action verb). Discrimination against the disabled is common, and many disabled people in China are barred from even the most basic human rights. Even though China has ratified the United Nations’ Convention on Rights of Persons With Disabilities, the government still has no strategy to achieve the goals set out by the conference (Farrar, 2014). In China, the disabled are seen as outcasts and worthless to society (Tsao, 2000). Children with disabilities in China are often abused or neglected or even put in orphanages; laws need enforcement and schools need to put disability awareness into school curriculum to resolve the problem of disability discrimination.
In China, children with disabilities are stigmatised, marginalized, and abused (Palmer, 2014). In fact, “to have a disabled child was fail not only your family, but your country and your people”(Palmer, 2014). It is also seen as “some sort of punishment” to the parents (Tsao, 2000). Chinese tradition shames parents who have children that are disabled because “superstitions in Asian culture [say] bad things only happen to people who have done wrong”(Tsao, 2000). These children “are confined within the house and kept away from outside eyes”(Palmer, 2014). Given that abuse and kidnappings are common for the disabled, parents often hide their child with disabilities. Laws failing,China currently provides limited options to parents for their child with disabilities, and as a result, children are often abandoned in orphanages (absolute). In fact, “John Giszczak, a former China programmes manager for Save the Children says ‘95 percent of Chinese orphans have special needs’”(Palmer, 2014). It is ...

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... you and your family but also your country to have a child with disabilities. These children are often abandoned in orphanages where about 95 percent of the children are disabled or hidden within their home by parents. The disabled receive limited education and the majority will never go to a university. Education is not inclusive and isn’t adapted to the child’s learning needs. Disability discrimination is driven by the Chinese culture which looks at disabilities as if they are some punishment to for the parents. To counteract discrimination against the disabled, laws in China like the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities need to be enforced. Chinese government should mandate that disability awareness education be put into the school’s curriculum. Children with disabilities in China are suffering. They are struggling to receive rights they deserve.

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