Essay about The Discovery Of Human Evolution

Essay about The Discovery Of Human Evolution

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Recently a group of international scientists made a huge discovery in South Africa. The group of scientists found an ancient ancestor of humans that raised many questions. Why is this discovery so special? It is so special because it bridges the gap between primates and ourselves. The questions I have about this discovery is what insight does this give us into how we became humans? Especially if a species over 3 million years ago had similar qualities to a modern human. How does this discovery help scientist on human evolution? There are many questions that arise from this new discovery. How long did they live? How do they relate to humans? Why were the bones in a cave?
What is the Homo naledi? It is the label given to the species that a group of scientist found is South Africa. The group found 15 individuals consisting of 1,550 bones which is the largest fossil hominin find on the African continent. They thought these bones were put in the cave intentionally as part of rituals. The scientist was assisted by six underground astronauts who squeezed through a seven inch wide gap to discover the fossils. The group of scientist have not been able to determine how old the fossils actually are. It states that the Homo naledi could have lived up to 3 million years ago. The hardest part was putting the fossils in the Homo group because while it had similarities it also had many differences that made people question where to put it In an article from BBC it shows the time line of human evolution.(Science Daily)
There are many similarities between Homo naledi and humans. In lectures we have talked about is Hominins. Hominin traits include being bipedal, having teeth that are not specialized and having large and complex brains. The only diff...

... middle of paper ... mark in the evolution of humans along with Ardipithecus ramidus also known as Ardi over 4.4 million years ago, Homo erectus over 1.9 million years ago, and one of the most recent Homo neanderthalensis approximately two hundred thousand years ago.
The articles were basically identical some of the differences the original article had was it included: one had who funded the project and the ritualized behavior. Mainly both articles were exactly the same. Many discoveries can make people wonder how they did it, what lead up to the discovery, how the discovery impacted the community or the world, and how important the discovery actually is. I think that this discovery was one of the most important discoveries in the last decade. All the people that worked on this project get to say they had a part in discovering our history. How cool would that be to get to say that?

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