The Disadvantages Of Cell Phones On Teenagers Essay

The Disadvantages Of Cell Phones On Teenagers Essay

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The Disadvantages of Cell Phones on Teenagers

I remember a classmate when I was in high school because he never talked to anybody. He spent most of his time on his cell phone or using his tablet, and he did not do well in school. He was different than my other classmates and I believe that he never felt comfortable in the classroom. Everybody knows that cell phones have changed peoples’ life dramatically. Cell phones are one of the most revolutionary advances in the last decades because they make things simpler and easier but cell phones have a strong impact on teenagers. Teenagers are in one of the most important phase in their lives because they are exploring the world and developing their capacities. I believe that cell phones have more negative than positives effects on teenagers for many reasons.
Cell phones reduce space to interact with people face to face. I see teenagers all the time playing with their cell phones alone and I feel terrible about that because I remember that when I was a teenager, I had different ways to interact with people. Teenagers have different applications on their cell phone where they can meet people online such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These applications have created a different mentality on teenagers because everything is online. They do not need spaces where they can talk in person to each other because cell phones have created one. In my opinion, this virtual world creates isolation, which refers to be a problem in the new generations. If they have cell phones, why do they need to go outside to meet friends? Teenagers stay home all the time and it carries many problems. Isolation creates social problems, meaning that teenagers may have difficulties socializing with people after be...

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...ll phones in high school. They just lose the chance to have a free education. Cell phones impede teenagers to find their talents reducing opportunities for them.
In summary, cell phones have a strong impact on teenagers that most of the time affects them negatively. People have to understand that is crucial for teenagers to develop their abilities efficiency with not distractions. Teenagers must have an excellent communication with others. Also, they have to develop their academic skills and extracurricular skills. It is difficult to do not be distracted with cell phones because they are everywhere but teenagers can try to use it less in their lives. I believe that high schools and parents must care about the use of cell phones on teenagers. They have to control and educate teenagers to be aware of the problems that cell phones can produce or impact their lives.

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