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The Direct Instruction Approach Essay

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Direct Instruction
There are various instructional approaches but one that is widely employed by many teachers is the direct instruction approach. This is the classic teaching style that many people remember during K-12 grade school. The teacher would stand in front of the class lecturing while writing on the black board. That is why direct instruction is also known as “Chalk and Talk” (Evans, 2006). Direct instruction is not out of date and is still appropriate in many situations today. The following will discuss direct instruction and a few scenarios in which this teaching approach is appropriate.
Scenarios for Direct Instruction Application
During safety meetings in a construction company, direct instruction would be appropriate. Whoever is teaching the safety meeting or safety class will likely not be able to demonstrate why a situation is dangerous. Direct instruction is important because the instructor can show videos or pictures of what can happen when something is done incorrectly and not done safely. The videos and pictures can allow employees to see the real threats of working dangerously while at the same time getting the point across safely in a class room. The instructor can introduce the skills it takes to solve safety problems (Intervention Central, n.d.). By teaching skills through direct instruction, employees will better know how to work safely and have the skills needed to recognize safety issues.
Another area in which direct instruction would be appropriate is in the online learning environments. An example of this is Colorado State University Global Campus. Throughout the weekly modules CSU Global often uses YouTube videos for students to watch and learn. This is effective with online learning b...

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...Point presentations or YouTube videos to help make learning online possible.

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