Digital vs. Traditional Art Essay

Digital vs. Traditional Art Essay

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“From the point of view of art, there are no concrete or abstract forms, but only forms which are more or less convincing lies."(Wagner, par. 1) So what is art? A painted picture with lines, figures or faces that has meaning; or digitally altered shapes with meaning? Art can be any product of a creative process. Graphic Design (digital design) as a discipline has a relatively recent history, with the name 'graphic design" first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922. (Wikipedia. par. 2) Digital art is an art created on the computer in digital form. The medium of computer art was developed during 1960s and opened new possibilities for abstract and figurative art. Digital art is an evolution of art itself, and is definitely a valid art form. It will never replace traditional art but is nothing to look down upon. It takes a great amount of skill, effort and patience, just as traditional art does.
Traditional art is what most people think of as "art." Drawing, painting, old fashioned darkroom photography, printmaking, sculpture and pretty much anything else you do with your own two hands are all considered traditional art. Digital art, by contrast, is artwork made on a computer. It can be photography with a digital camera, photo editing using a program like Photoshop or Indesign or an animation in a program like Flash or Blender. A traditional artist is supposedly sad, angst or scatter brained. They are often portrayed as bleeding hearts, radical left-wingers and angry at the world. Digital artists, by contrast, are often assumed to be nerdy, obsessed with technology and excessively sheltered from the world outside their computer monitor. The lack of angst and the ability to openly express emotion or opinion does not make a di...

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...tal art? Can a computer interpret an artist's desire and emotional connection to the work? With high quality full color printing, digital art can become a physical tangible piece that looks exactly as the artist intended it to look and it can be just as impressive as an actual painted canvas.

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