Essay on Different Types Of Classical Organization

Essay on Different Types Of Classical Organization

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Answer to the question no 1:
As we know from textbook that there are several theories which explain the organization and its structure. There are three types of classical organization theory- the scientific management approach, Weber 's bureaucratic approach, and administrative theory.
According to Fredrick Taylor, scientific management theory is the concept of planning of work to achieve efficiency, standardization, specialization and simplification. This approach is to increased productivity through mutual trust between management and workers. By doing various research, Taylor (1947) proposed four principles of scientific management:
• science, not rule-of-thumb;
• scientific selection of the worker;
• management and labor cooperation rather than conflict; and
• scientific training of workers.
On the other part, Weber 's bureaucratic approach considers the organization as a part of broader society. The organization is based on the principles of:
• structure;
• specialization;
• predictability and stability;
• rationality; and
• democracy.

Also based on Henry Fayol’s theory, administrative theory was propounded by and is based on several principles of management. In addition, management was considered as a set of planning, organizing, training, commanding and coordinating functions. From his theory:
• Division of work (specialization)
• Authority and responsibility
• Discipline
• Unity of command
• Unity of direction
Now if you are focused on the key propositions and findings about organizations then we can see:
1) Employees have minimal power over their jobs and working conditions.
2) Subordination, passivity, and dependence are expected
3) Work to a short term perspective
4) Employees are lead to mediocrity
5) Working ...

... middle of paper ...

...d movement concentrates on, proficiency specialists and others spreading the gospel. Taylor 's idealistic conviction that investigation of the association through his logical system would give the answers important to determine the most troublesome profitability issues is critical to contemporary administration. He is the first to call attention to that it is administration 's essential obligation to make an association beneficial.

Be that as it may, different regions of his strategy have ended up being imperfect. Specifically, Taylor 's emphasis on close supervision goes against all contemporary authoritative examination exhibiting close supervision is counterproductive. Furthermore, the piece rate framework very regularly is either inapplicable in today 's automated mechanical production systems or is traded off by administration ceaselessly raising the standard.

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