Different Theories Of Health And Health Essay

Different Theories Of Health And Health Essay

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Defining health can be very difficult as there are many different theories of health. Health can be defined as the absence of illness and disease or even being a healthy lifestyle and being in a good state of mind. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is an organisation made up of members from the United Nations and they believe that ' 'Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (and a socially and economically productive life) ' '. This definition states that not only is the absence of disease or illness considered good health, but it is also being mentally healthy and socially comfortable too. The definition seems accurate and I have come to agree with it also, as living a healthy life is not just about not becoming ill, rather its about being mentally happy and stable as well as feeling secure and living in a safe and comfortable environment.

This definition helps us understand that one needs good health both mentally and physically in order to be considered ‘healthy’. However a weakness of this definition is that it suggests that an individual needs to be in a state of complete self well being which would most of the time, be impossible to achieve.

There are many theories of both health and mental health, a biological theory is the multi causal theory. This theory is a scientific way of diagnosing illnesses and diseases as there is either a physical cause or that the body might be invaded by disease or infection. People tend to understand this cause of ill health and tend to follow it more as there is scientific evidence for the illness or disease. Before the 1900s, scientific reasons where unknown, diseases and their causes were thought to be eithe...

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...nvironmental factors an example is young people smoking, drinking, taking drugs and having unsafe sex this can be due to peer pressure, people behave the same as there friends as they want to fit in and be seen as cool.

There are many ways in which an individual’s emotional state can affect their health, if an individual is depressed or stressed then they are more likely to smoke, drink and eat unhealthily. The biological theory does not take into account the psychological effects that trauma, stress or depression can have on an individuals health, unlike the social theory, which does look at the individual 's circumstances and emotional state.

There are many theories on mental health and well being, however most are subjective and all are not measurable. There have been many arguments about the causes and effects of mental illnesses but all are still to be proven.

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