The Different Perspective Of Ones Life Essay

The Different Perspective Of Ones Life Essay

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The different perspective of ones life

“Looking For Work” by Gary Soto deals with the life of a nine year old Mexican American boy who daydreams of a better life for his family. He believes that by emulating the families on TV such as from the show Father Knows Best, not only will his family grow closer, but each member of the family will be much more content. Contrary, the story “Little X” by Elizabeth Tallent also deals with a young child who also finds herself alienated from her family in a way that Soto feels alienated from his. Tallent is a young American girl who lives in the suburbs with her family as the depicted happy nuclear family in the 1950s but yet she feels the alienation between her and her parents and also feels estranged from her mother and sometimes even her father. Jointly, these two narratives provide a compelling perspective of a childs view of their family life. The ideal families Soto encounters on TV lacks factual problems such as feelings of deprivation, alienation, and other real life situations encountered both in the lives of Soto and Tallent. In “Little X”, Tallents family lives similar to that of the nuclear family in Father knows best but Tallent also encounters many real life complications within her family that are not presented on such TV programs.

While there is little doubt that entertainment in media does a poor job portraying how real families function, there are some instances in the narrative “Little X” where the actions portrayed conspire with the TV programs which makes their family life seem uncomplicated. For example, when Tallent was at the pool and she falls down, it is evident that she is hurt but she has not sustained substantial injuries. She does not attempt to shake it off or...

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... in my community. My little brother is also a big fan of shows like Full House, See Dad Run and other family shows such as Soto and it is apparent that these shows have influenced his life. For example, when he argues with my mom or dad, he might say phrases like “This is not a way to treat your own son” or “You don 't even care about your own child” or other obscure statements that you know came from such shows. The situation in which Tallent broke her arm and she was afraid she might have been over exaggerating at the hospital and did not know what the outcome would be, such similar incident occurred in my childhood when I was injured severely. I was also terrified that I may have been over exaggerating and that my parents would have been angry that I had made them go all the way to the hospital but that was not the case as I received stitches and permanent scars.

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