The Differences Between Pop Music And Rock Music Essay

The Differences Between Pop Music And Rock Music Essay

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The Differences between Pop Music and Rock Music
Almost everyone everywhere in the world listens to some type of music. Pop music and rock music are among the most popular music genres today. Sometimes it is hard to classify songs as rock or pop music. It all depends on perspective and opinion. Everyone may believe different things about each genre or songs in those genres and that 's okay. Even though everyone may see pop and rock music in their own light, there are still distinctive and provable differences between the genres, such as, their basis, their lyrics, and their audiences.
Two of the most distinctive differences between pop and rock music that most people notice are what each genre 's basis is and the artists in those genres. Pop music is more vocally based, while rock music is more instrumentally based. In pop songs it is not rare to hear the singer or band hit high notes or hold out long notes at the end of a verse. These can become trademarks of the artist or just become something that they are commonly recognized by. An example of this would be Ariana Grande. She is one of the most well-known pop singers today and one of those reasons is her voice. She is most easily recognized by how high she can get her voice to go when singing. When it comes to rock music they are often recognized by their memorable guitar riffs or drum solos. Of course, rock songs have vocals in them, they are just not the focal point of the song a majority of the time. One of the most notable guitar riffs is in AC/DC 's Back in Black. Most people can hear the first few riffs of that songs and recognize it immediately and that 's because of the notable instrumentals in rock songs. Because of these different bases for each genre, it 's commo...

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.... ' Rock music on the other hand, has a smaller and more specific audience. Not everybody likes the louder, more instrument based feel of rock music. A lot of people don 't listen to rock music because they don 't like the sound of it. Mostly, rock has a smaller audience because not everyone understands and appreciates the more meaningful lyrics that rock music has to offer.
In conclusion, pop and rock music have distinctive and provable differences between them, such as, their basis, their lyrics, and their audiences. Pop music is more commonly known for its vocals while rock music is known for its instrumentals and guitar riffs. Each genre has a large difference in lyrics which creates a difference in audiences. No matter which genre is more popular or which is more recognized, each one has their own qualities that make them unique and special to their audience.

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