Differences Between Japanese And Female Essay

Differences Between Japanese And Female Essay

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Spoken gendered language differences are common worldwide, whether or not the differences are explicitly marked (Tsujimura, 2007). Traditionally, scholars in the fields of Japanese linguistics have claimed that there exists a very clear divide between the spoken linguistic ideals of women’s language (joseigo) and men’s language (danseigo). Although slight differences between Japanese male and female speech has been documented since around the 8th century, it was not until the 14th century in which a distinctly separate gendered category was observed with the beginning of nyoubō kotoba, which is the language of the court ladies (Spiridon, 2014). There has been a distinction not simply between male and female spoken Japanese, but also within written language. The prime example of this is the separation between the syllabic hiragana scripts used by women and kanbun scripts that were considered to be more elite. Hiragana script which was given the alternate name onnade (女手、women’s writing) and was widely used by court ladies around the time of its conception in the Heian era, due to Japanese women having lower access to education as compared to Japanese men. Since then, the Meiji Era Government has used the image of the ideal “good wife, wise mother” (ryōsai kenbo, 良妻賢母 ) to emphasise feminine speech among Japanese women (Spiridon, 2014). These feminine ideals for women still influence many aspects of Japanese culture, including modern joseigo. Often times the social roles of each gender are reflected in the ways in which each gender is expected to speak; that is to say, the gendered norms of speech are dictated by gendered norms of behaviour. This is very much the case with joseigo and danseigo in Japanese linguistics. Joseigo and da...

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...g to one of the etiquette training courses attended by Dunn, speaking in a way that is easy to understand is also a very important factor in maintaining a kind and considerate image to the listener. Finally, kirei behaviour is very much concerned with the appearance of an employee as the representative of a company; correctly executing a beautiful bow, maintaining posture, speaking with correct nasalisation of ga in second-onset syllables, evading the use of slang, and avoiding contractions that possess glottal stops were listed as some of the many speech and behaviour patterns considered to be kirei and reflecting a sophisticated corporate image (Dunn, 2013). These three conventions of politeness highlight the expectations of social interactions within the formal business environment in Japan, which sets a high bar of politeness as the social norm in that setting.

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