Language Barrier Essay

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What Language Barrier
There are more differences than similarities in the way women and men communicate, as perceived by majority. From the start of 1990s, many authors and psychologists have written books highlighting this fact and portraying their conversations to be some catalogue comprising of misunderstandings.
Mostly the difference is due to nature and not habit or bringing up. The different ways that their brains tend to be wired is what makes them communicate differently. Female brains are good at verbal tasks and males’ brains are better adapted for mathematical and visual-spatial tasks. Men give preference to action whereas women prefer talking. To say that women and men fundamentally differ when it comes to communicating is nothing but a false belief. But still, such myths have taken their roots firmly in workplaces. A call center manager once told he prefers to hire females since he wanted someone who could interact with people in a better way. Baron-Cohen wrote that female brains are better suited to jobs of counsellors, therapists, social workers and facilitators whereas men do best as engineers, bankers or lawyers etc. This is because jobs for female brains use the capacity for communication and empathy. According to the Myth of Mars and Venus, there is a difference in the use of language for communication between both genders. Some claims about communication difference by this myth are that communication and language matter to women more compared to men, men talk less than women, men are less verbally skilled compared to women, goal of men to use language is about getting the things done but women consider making connections and links with people, facts are covered more in men’s talk whereas women talk regarding f...

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...ts. This is the reason the facts from nowhere are included by writers in their publications and blindly the people believe them. The meta-analysis by Hyde is a worthy inclusion since it is based on facts and negates the myths which people believe in. In my opinion, there are much less differences than are exaggerated by the majority and also by media-producers.
Saying that women talk more than men is another notion which is popular and accurately opposed against in the article. I also felt that it is majorly due to the different contexts in which men and women are analyzed that creates more difference. If some informal situation is considered and comparison made between the language and number of words spoken by men and women, I agree with the writer that there would only be some minor differences and more similarities where language and communication is concerned.
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