Differences Between Human Need and Human Want Essay

Differences Between Human Need and Human Want Essay

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There are several reoccurring, unanswered questions that plague the minds of curious individuals. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What makes me feel whole? Among these popular questions is one undefined by black and white perimeters. Human want vs. need, answers to this question only found in the boundless grey area. Down to the very fundamental structure of the human brain, we assort things into categories, giving structure and prioritization to our thoughts. What is the dividing line between wanting and needing, and how dependent is our happiness and overall success in finding the answers to this question. Is “To each their own” a pragmatic justification in answering these questions? Or is there a set code or universal list that applies to all of us? Furthermore, if we were to break down our needs into emotional and physical categories, which would be most imperative to human growth and self-fulfillment? Physical needs tend to be more distinct; simply complying with our physiological requirements will keep us alive. But what happens when surviving isn’t enough? Scientists and philosophers alike have attempted to address the emotional needs of a human being by contracting a list of six fundamental key elements. The first two keys to emotional understanding is somewhat of a paradox, the need for certainty and uncertainty. Reaching for a sense of certainty through faith, beliefs, or our attempts to control things helps to keep our biggest fears at bay. On the contrary, uncertainty serves a greater purpose in keeping us on our toes; fear of the unknown compels a responsibility in staying sharp and prepared. Subsequently, the need for significance and purpose drives us to some form of belonging or achievement. The fourth and mos...

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... and husband throughout the story.
Despite social and cultural differences, all humans share the same six emotional needs, especially the need for love and connection. Human connection is the fine line between surviving and living. Trying to fill empty voids without the correct means of aid is what deters human behavior from true contentment. Jhumpa Lahiri employs Mrs. Das and Mr. Kapasi’s symbiotic relationship in the short story, “Interpreter of Maladies,” to highlight the key roles that emotional connections play in human fulfillment, consequently bringing to light the repercussions of compensating for emotional deficits driven by a thirsty heart.

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