Differences Between Chinese And Chinese Culture Essay

Differences Between Chinese And Chinese Culture Essay

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There are some cultures that are similar in terms of geographical region and as more in similarities than differences. For example, by historical influence, Latin American countries share culture between them and also with Spain, as well as Europeans who share certain cultural, tastes in food, manners and customs, because some countries had influences of past kingdoms and conquests. It can be said that no culture is like the Chinese culture, neither in language, customs, or personality; the Chinese culture is so unique that is a whole world to know. Chinese cuisine is adapted to the climate and the characteristics of the geographical area, meaning that Chinese food cannot be eaten the same or in the same way as in other countries. In fact, it is said that the tasting of traditional Chinese recipes in their home is a unique experience, because people cannot taste the same in any other corner of the world.
China is immense; therefore, there converge different customs, dialects, rites, and its cuisine varies such as its size and population. Each region has a number of plates, specialties and traditional cooking styles and there are so many that it can be said that China is a powerhouse in the culinary arts. Many world famous chefs had argued that traditional Chinese cuisine is very suggestive and attractive, defining it as one of the best in the world. Traditional Chinese cuisine owes its quality and taste to the care and dedication that people get to choose the ingredients, spices, colors, flavors, and even utensils for cooking, serving and decorating, making sure that everything has a total balance and harmony with nature and the universe. When measuring the quality of meals, the Chinese is guided by the variety of food served at t...

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...ty to build social relationships. The various types of facilities have several functions: they tend to be used to foster interpersonal relationships and even international relations, in order to solve problems and achieve consensus. They are indispensable in business to make friends or achieve personal promotions. Therefore, the protocol on the table is an important place in the life of the Chinese people. Being a host or guest, the person has to know the rules and comply with certain conventions on the table. Among all these conventions, the seats are in first place. These should be distributed according to hierarchy. At family meals, the elders occupy the seats header and minors the seats with less hierarchical. At the Business banquets, people who hold positions of high class seat on the header and people with lower charges, occupied seats with less hierarchical.

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