Difference Between Historic And Contemporary Fashion Essay

Difference Between Historic And Contemporary Fashion Essay

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fashion is the world of up-to-date words, so some people often hang in the mouth and it frequently appear in newspapers and media. Many people have different understanding of fashion, so some think fashion is simple, but it is sometimes costly waste and sometimes fashion just do unconventional or unorthodox something to give a person the refreshing sense of fashion style (Marie and Sophie, 2013, 76). Because fashion is relative, it has its scope of application. It is fashionable for some people, but it can not be for others. If the word fashion is understood as the absolute standard, which cannot be explained. Fashionable things can refer to any of the things in life, such as fashionable hair style, fashion lifestyle, fashion brand, stylish clothing and so on.And in a period of the social environment, changing characteristic of advocating popular culture are young, personality, the public recognition and follow suit. This essay will firstly discuss the difference between historic and contemporary fashion about garment and how they relate to each other. Following this, it will explain if we still take part in conspicuous consumption of fashion (Storey, 1999, 13). Finally, it will look at how to achieve a deeper understanding of fashion’s place in culture about consumption.
The difference and contact between historic and contemporary fashion of garment

Fashion first have to be healthy, which can lead the fashion. Fashion is also widely recognized, even if there is a comparison of alternative person, it is impossible to represent fashion. Fashion is a kind of symbol that can be able to impress the contemporary and the next generation and have guiding significance. Modern fashion design is more and more to the pursuit of...

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...e theme that the study becomes more and more recent. In fact, on the one hand,fashion is a business of modern popular theory, on the other hand, it belongs to the content of the popular culture (Mackrell, 2014, 31). Fashion is marketable and has the culture characteristic, therefore it is a two aspects of both behavior and activities. When it comes to culture, dress must be mentioned. Culture is closely related to clothing, because an era culture will lead the development of modern clothing, and the history and current situation of the clothing can reflect contemporary cultural development direction (Edwards, 2000, 8). A national of a country can not live without culture, so clothing is an important part of the indispensable for the history of civilization. Therefore, understanding and appreciation of the classic clothing is a good way to learn and enjoy the culture.

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