Essay about The Difference Between Children And Adults With Psychological Disorders

Essay about The Difference Between Children And Adults With Psychological Disorders

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The difference in children and adults with psychological disorders is that the brain structure has not completely developed and is therefore more prone to be vulnerable for psychopathology (McCrory, De Brito & Viding, 2012). For example, the hippocampus of PTSD adults can differ in size and volume if the person experienced maltreatment during childhood (McCrory, De Brito & Viding, 2012). Interesting is that neuroimaging techniques, especially the sMRI, fails to detect changes like this in children, which is explained with the theory that the influence of stress is delayed and establishes later in life (McCrory, De Brito & Viding, 2012). In many disorders there is a relationship between children and adults to see (Hulvershorn & Cullen, 2012). It has shown in research that children and adults with major depressive disorder show neural anomalies as decreased activation in key frontal and cingulate areas during cognitive regulator tasks (Hulvershorn & Cullen, 2012). Furthermore, the amygdala activation is raised in adults with depression handling fear, which is shown similar in children with depression or high risk for depression (Hulvershorn & Cullen, 2012).
2) Although, there are many difficulties to create biomarkers, especially for younger children it is tough to differentiate, it is a possibility (Phillips, 2010). Many psychological disorders have symptoms that can be seen in many other disorders, which can be a danger when the doctor describes medicine for the one disorder although the patient actually has the other disorder (Phillips, 2010). According to studies, with the help of neuroimaging techniques biomarkers can be early markers to report starting conditions of psychological disorders. At this point, the science is not a...

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... path and outcome of the treatment (Singh & Rose, 2009). The medicine would benefit from receiving information about type, timing and progress of intervention and also from the information about the disorder as a subtype due to the physiological measures, and better unique cut for the psychiatric treatments (Singh & Rose, 2009).
It can be especially dangerous and harmful when biomarkers will be made public and marketed because families might make important decisions and view their future based on these warning signs before anything even developed (Singh & Rose, 2009). They might also go ahead and collect all the information about a specific disorder, explain it to the doctor and will be more likely to receive medication from the doctor, although without the parent’s help the doctor might have been less likely to diagnose this particular disorder (Singh & Rose, 2009)

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