Diet Of The Living : Essay

Diet Of The Living : Essay

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Diet of the Living:
While facing death in every direction, whether from walkers, physical or mental illness, other people, or even the idea of suicide, the world in which Rick and his group live within is a hardened and cold one. Even as such is true, these people still crave survival and must do so by having food and water inside them and supplies on their back. But what would these people be able to eat as a constant food source you may ask? Well the answer is not a constant one but why not look inside the diet of such people. With much hunting and gathering to be accomplished, nutrients are needed, thus the day is usually started off with fresh garden vegetables or whatever they can muster up from the trees and dirt around them in their “luxury” camp in the woods. By midday, one would assume fatigue would kick in, so a balanced lunch of a cup of water, canned beans, and maybe half of a scrumptious, uncooked squirrel may be prepared as well for lunch if you get lucky enough. After a long day of travels, the group would hope to find campus and settle for the night once again, sleeping on the nice warm dirt of the forest, with warm fire, keep at about ashes to ensure no walkers can see it from a distance. Since no more traveling will be done, not much food should be used at this time of day but diner needs to be eaten. This would consist of hopefully some water, any fruits or vegetables found, maybe some left over easy, make oatmeal, canned food, and small rat found running through the camp sight that someone was quick enough to grab before it escaped. Usually in one day, the average person will be able to eat an whooping 500-1500 calories of food per day, depending on how successful the group was with their scavenging that day. ...

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...g battle of trying to save the world from this plague. This advertisement breaks standard genre conventions as most advertisements are serious, serve only the purpose of selling their company’s product. This advertisement has a comical tone and is not so much trying to sell a product, but rather trying to convey the fact that the world is ending. This is because any money given by the company to do this task will not have any worth once the world ends, and the advertisers realize that nobody would want to enter such a situation so they try to make it comical, not really to sell their idea, but more to catch peoples attention so they are informed of the coming apocalypse and then trying to reduce the fear of the audience using the comical tone. In the end, all three genres do their job in describing and developing the the world and concepts of the “The Walking Dead.”

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