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It is a well-known fact that women have always worried about their weight. In fact, they worry about it so much that in a recent poll done by NBC and the Meredith Corporation, it was discovered that women in the United States worry more about weight than they do about cancer (Davies). Fearing fat cells more than mutated cells? It may not be so crazy. The national weight has skyrocketed in recent years, with much of the blame being laid on fast food restaurants and our sedentary lifestyles, but what if there’s a more detrimental contributing factor? Most people don’t research a diet before they go on it, unless the research includes finding out the success rate. Living in an era of mass advertising and media bombardment, our eye can be caught easily by flashy words and hype diets, leaving the truth buried underneath the desires to lose weight. Not only does it cover the truth, it covers the solution to many societal problems such as obesity and diseases with links to diet.
Misconceptions regarding nutrition are causing major problems today and even fuel the most worrisome health dangers. To dig past this dilemma, correct knowledge about nutrition needs to be gained, or hype diets and incorrect information will continue to affect the American diet; leaving people unhappy and overweight.
Americans foster many different views about how we should eat: non-fat, low-fat, low-carb, Adkins style, etc. But which is the right way? The misconceptions vary greatly and spread across a large area. What has been ingrained in people as children may be wrong in its assumptions about diet. For example, is it surprising that non-fat diets are actually worse for you than eating a healthy amount of fat each day? The food pyramid teaches the method o...

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