Dick And Perry 's Mental Health Essay

Dick And Perry 's Mental Health Essay

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Tragedy struck Holcomb, Kansas on November 15th, 1959, with the lost of four members of the Clutter family, who were well known in their town. “Of all the people in the world, the Clutters were the least likely to be murdered,” (Capote 85) was what one townsperson said about the widely known family. Their lives were taken by two men named, Richard (Dick) Hickock and Perry Smith. After months of fleeing, Dick and Perry were captured. Over the next couple of years they were through numerous hearings and questioning over the murder they committed. Then the day came where some believed that vengeance was served. Hickock and Smith were both executed by hanging just after midnight on April 14, 1965. Dick and Perry 's mental health was widely discussed between government officials, psychologists, and legal agents. Although they are evidently responsible for their crime, I believe they were influenced by psychological and sociological means. Because of those means, they should not have been executed.
With Dick, he was not financially stable to pursue a career in engineering. Instead he worked for low paying jobs that just barely helped him and his first wife. When his father came to his defense, he said that the car crash was the reasoning behind his behavior, “After that, he wasn’t the same boy… when he came out of Lansing, he was a plain stranger to me. You couldn’t talk to him. The whole world was against Dick Hickock – that’s how he figured,” (Capote 159). In court Dr. Jones mentions that Dick never had medical tests brought upon himself to prove or disprove the existence of residual brain damage. Furthermore, Dr. Jones mentions more of Dicks psychological conflicts, “he shows an unusual pattern of intermittent periods of productive...

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...e death penalty have much lower murder rates. The South accounts for 80% of US executions and has the highest regional murder rate (Death Penalty Focus).
The murder of the Clutter family is one of the most tragic, and unforgivable crimes that were to ever happen during the late 1950’s. Four innocent lives were taken in Holcomb, Kansas by Richard (Dick) Hickock and Perry Smith.. To some, they believe that justice was served by executing the people who murdered the family. Statistically, capital punishment does not deter crime. No one is accomplishing anything by taking the lives in this legal practice. Although I personally do not agree of the action that Dick and Perry took to receive money, I believe that the treatment they received in the end was inhumane. Sure, they took four lives but how does it look for the government to do the same crime back and execute them?

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