Dexter Morgan Works For Miami Police Department As A Blood Spatter Analyst

Dexter Morgan Works For Miami Police Department As A Blood Spatter Analyst

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Dexter Morgan works for Miami Police Department as a blood spatter analyst. He has a great interest in blood and finds solving criminal cases fascinating, especially those that involve murder. However, he has the urge of wanting to feel emotions rather than feeling separated from human kind. He considers himself a monster for not being able to connect to human’s feelings and for only caring for his needs. Dexter has a girlfriend named Rita. Rita has two children whose names are Aston and Cody. Dexter claims to be part of his girlfriend’s family because he is following the moral code his father taught him, which is to fit in. Dexter wants to feel a sexual connection to his girlfriend Rita and wishes one day he can stop his addiction.
Currently, Dexter is experiencing low sexual desire and feels burdened that he has no sexual desire for Rita even though he sometimes engages in sexual activities with her. Whenever him and Rita have sex, he is constantly thinking of his addiction. He believes he does not have the ability to have feelings for her and is scared he might lose his interest in her. He reports enjoying time alone and has difficulty fitting in as part of Rita’s family environment. Rita would like for him to open up about his sexual desires and emotional feelings. However, Dexter refuses to talk about the past because he doesn’t know how to explain his thoughts, and he does not consider himself “normal”. He thinks this might be the reason why he doesn’t desire sex as much as Rita. Thus, Dexter decided to attend therapy with a sexologist, Mrs. White.
To begin with, Dexter is a 45-year-old Caucasian male and he does not know much about his biological family history. He was adopted by the age of four by his foster parents, ...

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...xter have sexual desire and fantasies with his partner.
Finally, Mrs. White has another session with Dexter. She explains is detail the treatment plan for his low sexual desire. Dexter seemed interested and was paying close attention to Mrs. White’s words. After the explanation, Dexter begins to look at the floor. Mrs. White notices his reaction and she stops talking. There is a period of silence; it was so silent that Dexter could hear Mrs. Whites’ breathing. Dexter looks up with a smirk in his face. His eyes were not blinking and he was calmly observing Mrs. White. He suddenly tells Mrs. White, he has a confession to make. Dexter gets up from his seat, locks the office door, and while standing next to the door he tells Mrs. White, he is a serial killer. Mrs. White began to shake and before she could scream or yell for help, Dexter’s hands were around her throat.

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