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Introduction From a historical point of view the 20th century will be recalled for several things and the people who accomplished them. For instance, during this time period the first man landed walked on the moon, Neal Armstrong. One of those that will not be fast forgotten is Theodore “Ted” Bundy. Bundy, an infamous persona, who over his life span is an extreme example of an individual diagnosed with anti-social disorders. Example after example places hides the true person behind Ted Bundy appearance of having led a charming life. He was a decorated Boy Scott, who moved forward in his academic career to reach honor student status at the University of Washington. He was a bright young man with endless possibilities at his fingertips. To …show more content…

Some scholars have argued that during the developmental years of childhood such impulses are absent. Moreover, it is during the period known as puberty that such process is more prevalent, and therefore manifests itself in behaviors such as attractions to one and other (Freud, 2015). In other words, the argument is that children are not aware of sex or sexual behavior until they have reached the age of puberty. Today, it appears that the argument is still being made that men and women develop desires at and every age, however, such impulses are not acceptable until they reach a certain age bracket. During his final interview, Ted Bundy provided some revealing details about his childhood. He explain that he believed that some of his compulsions were associated with pornography which he had seen in his youth. However, he was able to control his behavior until he had graduated college (Nelson, 1994). This statements inferred that Bundy was able hold back his desires for a number of years. However, some researchers have argued that Bundy’s behavior was triggered after his relationship had ended with his college sweetheart. Bundy never revealed his true motives for his attacks that consisted in savagely raping and latter beating his victims to …show more content…

Secondly, a pattern of repeated lying, conning others for personal gain or pleasure. Third, impulsive, irritable, and aggressive displays such as fighting. Finally, individuals suffering from anti-social personalities lack remorse and are said to have no conscience. They are known to rationalize their actions as fantasies (APA, 2009). Clearly, when one speaks of Ted Bundy the obvious diagnosis would be that he was a true psychopath. His animalistic behavior of stalking and hunting his victims with no regard for their feelings places him at the top of the list. The question is whether or not today would his behavior be justifies as a sexual

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that theodore "ted" bundy, an infamous persona, is an extreme example of an individual diagnosed with anti-social disorders.
  • Explains that sexual impulses can be observed in both man and animals and are biological accepted as seeking food and water to survive.
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