Development Relief Education For Aliens Minors Essay

Development Relief Education For Aliens Minors Essay

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Furthermore, we can help them is by providing them with basic education which is middle and high school especially since it is covered under the DREAM Act which stands for Development Relief Education for Alien Minors. For most countries in which immigrants come from, the education system is expensive which means the rich are the only ones who can afford it and if they do manage to go to school, it would a school that lacks equipment such as decks to sit on, chock boards and not enough teachers. In order for a country to compete with others, they must have a great education system for them to be considered to be a threat economically and since most developing countries don’t have the greatest education system, the parents have no choice but to move to a country that will accommodate their children’s needs. Though, they came into the country legally or illegally both immigrants have a chance to get their high school diploma. For the illegal immigrants, the ACT helps them to succeed through with that dream especially from the time it was passed at least 65,000 children have graduated high school. It being the 21st century, just having a high school diploma is not enough to get a great job which means the student has to go further with their education such as, such as PhD, doctrines etc. If the illegal immigrants continue with their education, they have different ways in which they can be helped financially such as Financial Aid in form of Pell grant, HESSA and many more which helps encourage other immigrants to be successful if they see other succeed.
Also, we can help them is by making it easier and less expensive for the immigrants for them to become citizens of the country in which they moved in. For most countries such as the U...

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...eone mentioned how some people have the philosophy that if they cannot have the job no one should have it. This is pointless especially if they are helping with increasing the economy by providing taxes and increasing the GDP of the country.
Finally, everyone should be given the same opportunity and treated with respect it does not matter whether if they are of different skin color, nationality or ethnicity because we would want to be treated the same way if we were to move to a different place. This shows maturity and growth among the people for the reason being they are willing to hear the reason as to why they moved to a new country or place. So with us treating them righteously, then we are going to have a good reputation with other countries and we would get more them, which means we would there is a higher chance of us maintaining peace with allied countries.

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