Developing Counseling For Individuals And Individuals With The Individual Entering Treatment For Mental Illness

Developing Counseling For Individuals And Individuals With The Individual Entering Treatment For Mental Illness

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The conception would be to develop counseling for individuals and additionally group counseling along with the individual entering treatment for mental illness. Those who are involved with someone suffering from an illness could become ill themselves; suffering from despondence or apprehensiveness making them vulnerable to developing phrenic health issues themselves. Success in providing treatment accommodations could implement nontraditional treatment methods.
Most therapy sessions involve being in a medical facility setting. If a program was initiated in a different setting while implementing physical activities to lighten the intensity of treatment for the patient. This could bring the patient away from isolation and becoming sociable. This could open the patient up to being more accepting of the treatment methods through therapy, medication and a variety of hands on activities.
Individuals suffering from mental health experience many barriers to seeking treatment. One barrier is financial and impacts many who suffer from mental illnesses but do not have the income to compensate for any out of pocket expense. The barrier expands to their income due to if an individual is not financially stable or has low income they are less likely to have a “good” medical coverage plan. This leads to high out of pocket expense on top of monthly premiums for coverage. Those who have “better” medical coverage has higher chances of affording treatment. “Similarly, an equity gap also exists between mental and physical health services. This essentially means that patients who can afford better insurance coverage and higher out-of-pocket expenses have better access to mental health services than do those who cannot afford them.” (Burkehold, 2013)

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...expand; this could open many windows for those without coverage to obtain it and access to care.
In order to develop a program for mental health patients involving group therapy or any kind of treatment one must have completed a degree program specializing in counseling along with certification. With this an individual is taking on the responsibility to abide by the law and to protect health, safety and welfare of citizens. It is a mental health specialist job to ensure all patients are analyzed and treated accordingly along with necessary safety precautions. Ethically mental health specialist must access condition and diagnosis based around current medical laws. There are precautions to take when medically evaluating and treating a mental health patient. These are some necessities in order to successfully produce a program in general in the mental health industry.

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