Developing a Student Centered Management System Essay examples

Developing a Student Centered Management System Essay examples

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Developing a Student Centered Management System (SCMS) requires looking beyond the past’s teacher centered directive form of education delivery. Simply having materials or supplies in place and providing teacher-led academic instruction leaves the critical ingredient of the student out of the equation. I agree with Wong and Wong (2009) when they state, “Classroom management consists of the practices and procedures that a teacher uses to maintain an optimum environment in which instruction and learning can occur” (p. 167). In working toward an environment that involves the student in their education, the charge remains to provide a structured, safe, and supportive classroom.
The following lists components of my personal SCMS. Section 1 includes my current beliefs on:
• Philosophy of Classroom Management
• Ethical Standards
• Teacher Responsibilities
• Student Responsibilities
• Incentives
• Interventions
• Referral Guidelines
• Conclusion
• References
In Section 2 I have included an example of classroom arrangement appropriate to elementary grades 1-5 and an example of procedures for an efficient flow of classroom tasks.

Section 1
Philosophy of Classroom Management
I believe that education provides the most promising access to opportunities available in our society. I believe this access is the right of all students. Choosing to be an educator is to accept the social contract of engaging each student in the process of exploring these opportunities. I want my students to be exposed to a variety of experiences that not only make use of their skills and talents but also spark their interest. I am committed to student-centered instruction that meets each student where they are and provides encouragement for ...

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...ill enter a workplace that demands self-motivation. Providing an environment that fosters participation in designing the rules of the classroom, teaches tools for conflict resolution, and expects them to take responsibility for their part in their education gives them the tools for situations they will encounter when they leave the education world. It can be an exciting time for students. I look forward to my role in their development.


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