Reflection Of The Decision Support System

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Brainstorming Reflection 1
The area of information system application chosen is the decision support system. A decision support system (DSS) is an information system designed to help leaders and team’s members to reach a decision when a decision-making situation arises (Haag, 2013). In the area of management that I have worked, I have experience a range of decision support systems that helps with a range of decisions depending on the tasks and missions.
Brainstorming Reflection 2
The transaction processing and management information systems provide information on a regular basis. Leadership needs information provided in reports to help them make effective decisions. For example, a sales manager might need to determine how high to set
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The learning team members provided insight from three perspectives. The first learning team member’s perspective centered on the user interface management system component that allows the user to communicate with the decision support system (Haag & Cummings, 2013). The learning team member explained a favorable user interface designed would contain access to a database model and the system resources. The second perspective centered on the capability of leadership decision-making process thinking outside of the box. This type of process would provide the leadership the ability to use the DSS like a check the box process for leaders with new idea or discussion. Lastly, the learning team member provided his professional insight that important decision-making might warrant its information system. Understanding the systems used to help make decisions require that leaders understand the components of the decision support…show more content…
According to Haag (2013), the difference between the two decision support systems (DSS) is that the geographic information system (GIS) designed specifically to analyze spatial information. The Spatial information is any information shown in a map format. The learning team member was informative to elaborate that the GIS infrastructure often includes capturing location specific data to store, manipulate, analyze, and in some way make use of the data for a particular purpose. Learning the traffic control system was the most interesting because of the critical decision-making process to retrieve data to access traffic movement for optimal traffic control strategies The DSS would become an analytical process to determine the type of controller configuration for an efficient outcome objective. The discussion on cybersecurity was an initial consideration an area of interest. Developing a course of action to counteract cybersecurity from hacker and infrastructure breaches would need a structured process. Constructing a critical complex network infrastructure, the use of the DSS will help leaders and team members with searching retrieving, and analyzing data to summarize main

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