Developing A New Process Can Be Complicated Essay

Developing A New Process Can Be Complicated Essay

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Developing a new process can be complicated. If every detail isn’t planned the project could easily fail. With this new installation process, everything must be in order before Lowe’s can move forward. The biggest risk the company will take is its reliance on the people in charge of the processes. This process will only be as strong as its weakest link. If the Distribution Centers aren’t being managed properly it will prevent them from having sufficient quantities of product. This will then delay the installation process causing the entire investment to become redundant since the entire process was created to make Lowe’s a faster installation process than the competitors. Ultimately, this falls on the company’s management selections. Are the selection processes properly used when interviewing and deciding on the management who will run the processes? Do they need to go with internal or external candidates (Javitch 2005)? What criteria is needed to decide the best candidate?
While there is risk, as there is with everything, there are ways to ensure the minimization of those risk. Since the greatest risk will be Management then the selection of those managers must be a well thought out process. First, we must determine what type of manager we need and what qualifications do they have to possess. A Distribution Manager must be aware and a strategic thinker with full understanding of external and internal influences that could affect the business. They must be organized and a critical thinker who can take on any issue as it presents itself in a timely manner (Harps 2003). After knowing what type of manager is needed then the interviews could revolve around those needs. With these managers in place these processes shou...

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... change is being put in place and why it’s important. Next there would need to be a process in place to monitor the progress of the transition and a way to problem solve the issues which was discussed with the executive corporate team. There would be a representative for each area on the team with analyst as well to help monitor and problem solve any potential issues. This group would also be part of the team that would monitor the continuous improvement plans. All the issues that arise would be monitored and assessed for improvement by this team on a quarterly basis and then changes would be implemented (Reynolds 2013). Ultimately, the team needs to realize that this change is for the customer which is why the company even exist. Keeping the entire company on track with the overall mission will be key to the success of this transition.

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