Trade Not Aid

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Why developing countries need trade not aid?
Developing COUNTRIES play a major & vital role in the trade market, it is beneficial to the country in all the means like in economy & in the development of the country. Every time a country cannot go for a aid, it should start developing on its own, so TRADE is the only means & the way through which the country can be successful in its FUTURE. Today we are in business world. So when we are improving that country like developing surly we are maintained the trade mark. Business is the biggest tool of improving country. And also improve our economy. Our pakistan running in the corruption. Youth only to reduced that. Then only improve the country. Developing countries definitely needs trade from the neighboring and other developed countries. This helps in increasing the economic conditions and it develops a good bondage between them. One cannot always aid a person so it is better to help him by providing an opportunity to grow.
Trade is opportunity for growth. Liberates economy. It Earns on Assets, and will make developers self sufficient and pave way to explore their potential. Aid is an instant remedy. Not cure. Trade is better than aid because trade improves the efficiency of a country since there are some products which may be being found in the developed countries but not in the developing ones therefore I will go for trade and not aid. Definitely trade is better than aid as the aids given in form of funds are not utilized properly for development and large sum of money goes inside the pocket of ministers. But with the trade any developing country can be benifited in two ways one it will get money for growth and development and secondly it will abridge the gap between a...

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...e between them. trade is most essential parameter for a developing country. If we become familiar with the trade of super power then in future we can develop ourselves by our own and if we inclined towards aid. If today we hanker after developed countries for aid somehow in the coming future we would be dominated by them. In the end concerning the developing countries like Pakistan, China, Brazil these nations need both trade and aid in fair amount. Trade has huge limitations based on the availability of resources and skilled workforce. And it would take a long time to generate profit from trade and again all such profit is vulnerable to function in the market. So trade alone can’t help a nation progress. The aid is equally necessary, aid for health, military aid and infrastructure supplements like growth of any developing nation which they could not afford from the
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