Develop Personal Skills to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Essay

Develop Personal Skills to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Essay

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Develop Personal Skills to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

This essay will discuss one of the growing health issues: Types 2 diabetes, in people aged 40 years and above. Older aged people are affected by Type 2 diabetes. This essay will also briefly describes about the Ottawa Charter and one of the action areas of it: Develop Personal Skills to address the health issue, Type 2 diabetes, in older aged people. Development of personal skills through education is the key means to address the problem of diabetes in this aged group people. People who have personal skills and techniques can manage to tackle the problem. The major portion of the essay will explore the application of one of the action area of Ottawa Charter, develop personal skills, to check, minimise and to promote the health of people.

Diabetes is one of the growing health issues worldwide (Magliano et al 2008). Type 2 diabetes is a common and rapidly increasing disease. Globally around four million people die in each year due to the complication of diabetes and their life expectancy has been reduced by 15 years in average (Vuori 2007). The Number of type 2 diabetes patients is expected to increase further by the year 2030 and it is expected to be double the current figuring (Vuori 2007). People with Type 2 diabetes are at higher increasing rate in Australia over coming decades as the population ages and become more overweight (Magliano et al 2008). The Australian population consists of migrants from different parts of the world. Proportionally, people born in overseas have high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than the people born in Australia (Liu et al 2009). Therefore, there is a high possibility of many people in Australian being affected by diabetess in the near ...

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...iabetes’, Geriaction Autumn 2009,Vol. 27, no. 1, March.

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Vuori, I 2007, ‘Physical activity and health: Metabolic and cardiovascular issues’, Advances in Physiotherapy, vol. 9 pp. 50-64, April.

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