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Determining Your Audience Essay

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Good writers should decide on the audience of the literary work before they start writing procedure. When one writes a paper or essay, it is possible that he or she actually forgets to decide the ‘definite’ audience of the piece of literature. However, one always writes targeting an audience, even if he or she does not think about it consciously: sometimes one considers the instructor as the audience, sometimes much generalized group of readers, and sometimes one writes for himself or herself. There are various reasons for recognizing the reading audience of literary work. Deciding the audience can aid in making correct decisions on the organization of ideas, matters to include, and how preeminent to defend your argument in the essay. Identification of the audience helps the writing process and enhances the essay whereas dropping of the audience concern restrict the boundaries of the essay.

The analytical essay, Overcrowding Prisons, did not explicitly asked for the keeping of audience in mind. Although I knew the concept of keeping an audience in mind before writing text, I wrote the essay for myself and my instructor – i.e. subconsciously the mind assumed that only I and my instructor are going to read the essay. I judged all information found during research from my point-of-view or to demonstrate my familiarity of the subject to the instructor. The consideration of specified audience would have helped to craft essay, but I missed identifying a particular audience for the essay.

The persuasive essay asks the writer to choose a subject and accordingly select a particular person or group who can work on or learn from the subject. Therefore, the persuasive essay, Smokers’ social responsibility: Supporting cigarette ban in p...

... middle of paper ...

...e help the writer to make an effective argument. The writer can also assume about some prior knowledge for a particular group. Thus, deciding audience of the writing makes the decisions about structure, language and content of the text easier.

After these experiences, I learnt that identifying the audience is necessary; however it is not intricate. I did not find difficulties in compilation of the analytical essay on prison population, but defining the audience would have helped in finding precise information and arranging them in better structure. In a persuasive essay, keeping the smokers of the city as audience in mind, I was able to judge the information from their perspective and thus could make convincing arguments. It also helped me in deciding the tone and language of the essay. Thus, taking the audience into consideration certainly enhances the essay.

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