Determinants of Life in the 16th Century Essay example

Determinants of Life in the 16th Century Essay example

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Life in the 16th century had many aspects that determined life experiences. Gender roles, social status, and religion played major roles in what type of life people would encounter.
To start with, gender roles in the 16th century took part in a vital role in life experiences. The main responsibility of a husband was to be “in the accepted role as head of the household, and give moral direction to his wife and children” (Best, “The wife’s status”, Men plowed the land, raised and slaughtered livestock and provided shelter for their families. On the other hand, as a wife, woman was to “submit and subject herself to her husband in all such duties”. (Dodd and Cleaver “A Godly Form of Household Government,” 1). A wife’s household obligations were to prepare food, birth children, and have a “managerial role” over the household (Best, “The Housewife’s Economic Importance”, Men had the experience of outdoor labor and time outside the dwelling to provide for his family as the head of the household; and women experienced being subservient to her husband and administrating the home.
Secondly, social status gave a significant difference in life experiences. After a day of work men of the community would congregate together in a bar-like atmosphere. The wealthy, nobles, spent time outside of work at Taverns that catered “food and drink” to them (Best, “A Tavern Meal”, A noble was giving rations and beer also was served by a “tapster” giving them a high class experience (Best, “A Tavern Meal”, htt...

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... In conclusion, gender roles, social status, and religion gave various life experiences to people of the 16th century. Men were head of the household were women submitted to their husbands (Dodd and Cleaver “A Godly Form of Household Government,” 1). Nobles were given higher class experiences than the lower and middle class (Best, “A Tavern Meal”, Religion treated marriage as a religious ceremony and sexuality was only accepted through the church within a marriage (Best, “The marriage ceremony”, These factors made a difference in how individuals provided for their families, the atmosphere men could interact with each other, and religiously accepted way someone could be sexually involved with each other.

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