Destruction Caused by Fear in Lord of the Flies and a Separate Peace Essay

Destruction Caused by Fear in Lord of the Flies and a Separate Peace Essay

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Have you ever been so afraid for your life that you would do anything to save it? Or been so scared of something you felt like you became a different person afterwards because of the experience? Well, the characters of Lord of the Flies and A Separate Peace all have encountered these experiences and their lives have changed forever because of the destruction caused by fear. Lord of the Flies is set during the time of World War 2 and is about a group of 7-12 year old boys who are hopelessly stranded on an uncharted island after a devastating plane crash leaving them completely without adult supervision. They begin to build a system of rules but it is quickly ruined when Jack delves into savagery because of a supposed beast and refusal to follow rules, and the majority of the group quickly follows. They are eventually rescued but only after the death of Simon and Piggy and the destruction of the entire island in an attempt to find and kill Ralph. A Separate Peace, like The Lord of the Flies, is set during World War 2 and is about two boys, Phineas and Gene, who attend a boarding school in New Hampshire, Devon. Over the summer they become best friends until Gene begins to resent Finny. He starts to suspect that Finny is trying to become the top student at Devon. In a moment of rage while on the limb of a giant tree, Gene jounces the limb and Finny falls and shatters his leg. Gene feels and guilty and throughout the rest of the novel must fight it back to reconcile with Finny. He eventually does, but soon after Finny dies during surgery on his leg. In both Lord of the Flies and A Separate Peace fear becomes a destructive force because it: brings out the savagery in man, creates internal and external conflicts, and causes the loss ...

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... and the fight on the island. Not only is fear damaging in Lord of the Flies and A Separate Peace , but it also affects our society today in many ways. For example, the war on terror/terrorism is an example of both an external conflict and the savage nature of man. It has caused so many catastrophic and fatal events in our history, like the 9/11 attack and any war that followed it. The attack on the twin towers shows just how inhumane humans can be and starts a world-wide conflict. Our “follow-up” attack was done out of fear and equally as savage as theirs and shows what we will do just to protect our country. Again this goes back to the concept of survival of the fittest but in an international scale. Fear is an everyday emotion that the human race must face, and it can bring out the best and worst of us, but its how we choose to deal with it that truly defines us.

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