Chocolate War Vs Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Lord of the Flies and The Chocolate War were two books that had similar aspects of authority, but with very different situations. Both books deal with children having some type of authority, but both deal with different settings, situations, and conflicts throughout each story. As both stories reach towards their climax, we realize children having authority is really not a good idea. We also learn many other things about each stories conflicts and how they handle them.
Lord of the Flies is set on an island where a plane carrying a school of English boys has crashed and left to their own instincts to find a way to survive. The boys who survived the crash end up on meeting on the beach of the island due to a boy named Ralph blowing through a conch shell. They end up voting for a leader, which happened to end up being Ralph, to keep a natural order to things. The younger children begin to see things and think there is a beast on the island. This leaves many children in fear of what hides in the sea, darkness and the forest. Eventually a kid named Jack does not like the way things are being function and he splits from the group making the decision to start another “community”. Jack was the lead hunter of Ralph’s community and his decision to leave caused Ralph and the boys who decided to stay with him to suffer. During all this time a parachuter has ended up being caught on the mountain and died, it was spotted by a boy who now thinks it is “The Beast”. Jack has killed a wild boar and comes to invite the people of Ralph’s community to the dinner, they accept. As the dinner is going on Simon who has gone looking for “The Beast” has realized it is only a dead parachuter, as he comes the boys are reenacting the killing of the boar. Whe...

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... books are different.
The books Lord of the Flies and The Chocolate War both have children in that awkward spot of authority with the twists of different settings, situations, and conflicts. While there is hope for everything to work out for the children in the books, eventually it turns out to be a struggle for them in the end. Children are not mature enough to make the decisions to be in charge of their own lives, they need guidance and the wisdom from adults with life experience. Even with the presence of an adult, children with authority can cause many problems and chaos to be aroused. Coming to a conclusion, children do not deserve this authority until they have

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