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Design & Architecture in Britain Essay

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One of the essential roles that architects are trained to fulfil is taking a clients brief and developing it creatively. Developing a brief is a crucial starting point of design to achieving a clear objective, well structured and financed plan of work. When architects are involved early in the planning stage they have an opportunity to create a much more enriched brief as they will have a greater understanding of the clients needs and the nature of the project

Setting out a development/design brief:

Before any design work is undertaken it is important that a development/design brief is in place.

A good design brief provides a platform for buildings to be used;

-More Efficiently – so that space can be utilised in the best approach possible with minimum wasted space.
-Effectively – in a way that allows the building to be socially sustainable.
-Expressively – within the built environment to the value of society.
-With Purpose –giving the building’s function and placement significant, accessible and prosperous.

Good briefing provides all involved professionals with a greater understanding of the desired outcomes and the responsibilities towards achieving those.

Briefing – A six step process
1. Scope Definition of breadth, focus, scope and parameters of the briefing project
2. Role Statement describing what the user organisation (public, community, city authority, etc.) is for
3. Activities -Activity statement is a description of what will go on in the building
4. Draft requirements Includes a space budget listing functional requirements, also spatial...

... middle of paper ...

... Process’,Dawe.L.2014

Part B:

Lecture 4 - ‘Practice Management’,Dawe.L.2014

Lecture 5 - ‘An introduction to BIM’- Past Present
and future, Comiskey.D.2014

Lecture 6 - ‘Plan of Work 2013’,Dawe.L.2014

Lecture 7 - ‘Procurement&Construction


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