Descriptive Essay: My Racing Heart

Descriptive Essay: My Racing Heart

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I was so tired, even attempting to keep my eyes open was a struggle. My whole body was drunk with fatigue after a hard day’s work, constantly staring at a computer screen and typing away as if in a solemn trance. My bony white hands, their blood frozen by the bitter winter frost were clutching to the steering wheel like a helpless man gripping the edge of a cliff, desperately holding on picturing his fate. My brain wanted to give in, to remain in the lapses of sleep that I kept drifting in and out of. I took a fleeting look outside, the weather beaten road looking everlasting. The endless rows of mud splashed dense hedges that thrive with life in the spring but appear lifeless with their menacing razor-sharp thorns in the harsh winters. These hedges hoard any objects spattered off the road by scurrying vehicles in the November rains. It felt like I was going round in a circle, my battered tyres skating round the bends and twists of the road. The beam of my headlights scuttling of the icy tarmac and off into the gloom sky being finally consumed by the carnivorous looming clouds. I gla...

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