Description of the Transhumanism Movement Essay

Description of the Transhumanism Movement Essay

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Humans have evolved and are still evolving. There are tons of things that have changed about human and are on process of changing as well. It was a lengthy process of transformation; we human are created from apelike ancestors and evolved for over approximately six million years (Tennison, 2012). Humans have overcome many complications which turned out to be evolutionary success. Humanity was positively evolved, humans have principals that should be followed and one of that includes not brining technology dominate us. Transhumanism is an intellectual and cultural movement that rely on improving human condition by the use of advanced technology (Anthony, 2013). People who follow this movement think that humans’ condition can be improved way more than we are now. The concept they wanted to win or bring to a way new level is life extension and they would not care how it can be achieved (Hodges, 2010). There are certain ways life extension could be achieved such as genetic engineering, cloning, nanotechnology, and many other emerging technologies, which is thought to be against human ethics (Lewens, 2012). This movement simply does not believe in human ethics but only in technology, and how it can be used to its maximum level. This essay will argue against Transhumanists assumption against static human nature. Human nature do exist and definitely required to follow human ethics because human are definitely different because we think and act according to principals that focuses on at least not harming our own species.
We began to walk in 4 legs then just about 4 million years ago, the defining human trait of bipedalism was evolved (Garrard, 2014). Just like walking in two legs, human learned to talk, use language, communicate, write, ...

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