Descartes View on the Senses Essay

Descartes View on the Senses Essay

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Descartes first meditation included a few arguments that Descartes studied and analyze. The one I choose to analyze was his argument of sense deception. The actually argument is the following: (1) My senses sometimes deceive me. (2) If my senses sometimes deceive me, then they might always deceive me. (3) If my senses might always deceive me, then I cannot be certain about any beliefs acquired through my senses. (4) If I cannot be certain about any beliefs acquired through my senses, then I must suspend judgment on those beliefs. (5) Therefore I must suspend my judgment of those beliefs. To put this is premise conclusion argument form, it would look like this:
- A
- If A then B
- If B then C
- If C then D
- Therefore D
This form is known as multiple modus ponens.
To start off I will I will explain why Descartes accepts each premise. The first premise is that his senses sometimes deceive him. He accepts this because of experiences with distant and small things1, and other things of that sort. By this he means how something far can look small, but in fact is bigger than it lo...

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