Descartes' Ideas on the Existence of God Essay

Descartes' Ideas on the Existence of God Essay

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Through out history there have been questions of where we come from and how we got here. It all comes down to the question of God’s existence. God’s existence has never been questioned during the times of when Christianity, Judaism and Islam were born. The question of God’s existence comes from our new way of thinking after these religions. Science has made us think of how things work in our world and brings Gods existence into question. There were no scientific studies done during the days of Jesus to prove that God exists, so where did the people in history get this idea of God from? Many philosophers have been questioning and giving their ideas of God and his existence. The ideas that we may have of God is usually connected with religion and our beliefs. One philosopher that touches on this topic is Descartes. Descartes gives his ideas on God’s existence and his out look on our selves compared to God. Most religions believe that there is a God and that he has created everything around us. Everyone has a different answer to this question that they think is the right one. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing God’s existence, while looking at Descartes ideas and through different perspectives of whether or not God exist as well.
When we say God, what comes into our minds? Is God, a person or some other substance? According to Descartes, God is a substance that us infinite, independent, supremely intelligent, powerful, and the creator of everything else. This definition seems the most accurate of what we think when we think of God. Descartes says that we as humans do not come close to God, in that we are not as perfect and can never have as much intelligence as God no matter how much knowledge we gain. God knows...

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...Earth rotates, however we don’t have scientific proof on how the Earth began and was created. Science cannot be used to prove everything exists. There is not way to see if God exists through science as we do with other things using the Scientific method. How do we know that God exists or if he is just imaginary like Santa or other characters of a fairy tale? How would we know if God is real just by someone saying he is. We have never seen God so why do we believe in him? Let’s say that God does not exist, who created the universe, and who then created us. Do we believe in science and say that it was the Big Bang Theory or did we all just appear with no creator? How would we know that what is written in the Bible, Koran or the Torah are all true and did happen. According to Christianity, God must remain hidden for if he is not then that will take away from faith.

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