Depression : The Most Common Mental Health Issue Essay

Depression : The Most Common Mental Health Issue Essay

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Depression is the most common mental health issue in the United States, affecting five to eight percent of adults. (“What is Depression?”). Depression is an issue in the brain that affects the chemicals because they become imbalanced. Inside the brain, there are several networks of cells that all are connected and communicate with each other. The networks begin to dissolve when someone develops depression. The dissolved networks create chemical imbalances such as to little serotonin, a chemical that helps the brain sleep, eat and digest food, maintain a positive attitude, and allow the brain to desire sex (“What is Serotonin? What does Serotonin do?”).
Genetics also play a big role in depression. One gene found in DNA is a serotonin gene. The serotonin gene comes in two sizes, long or short and each person gets two copies of the serotonin gene. Studies have shown that people with one long serotonin gene and on short serotonin gene have an increased risk of developing depression after a traumatic event. However, people with two short serotonin genes had a much higher probability of developing depression after a traumatic event than the people with one long gene and one short gene. People with two long genes had the least likelihood of developing depression and had the greatest chance of recovering after a traumatic event (Brown, Gregory and Moffit, Mitchell). Also, depression runs in families. Children of depressed parents have over three times the risk of developing depression. If a sibling develops depression the other sibling has a sixty to eighty percent chance of developing depression too.
People who are depressed have a smaller hippocampus. The hippocampus is the section of the brain that regulates emotions and memories....

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... of depression associated with individuals with disabilities as compared to the national average?

In your clinic how is depression diagnosed?

I want to create a DNA test that tested the serotonin gene to predict depression at an early age and help provide treatment before depression develops? Is my idea a likely possibility?

If this possibility is likely, or it doesn’t work, do you think a MRI scan that could see the cell networks connections to diagnose depression is a possibility?

Does depression increase the risk of developing other health related issues such as heart disease or cancer? If so, why?

If depression is a brain disorder that affects the mental side of a body why does depression also affect the physical side of a body?

What do you think everyone should know about depression and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and why?

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