Deportation Of The United States Essay

Deportation Of The United States Essay

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There are many people living in the United States illegally that come from all over the world and eventually get deported. Illegal immigrants that are parents to a child born in the United States should be allowed to reside in the country without being deported for the sake of their kids. It may have been wrong to enter the country illegally, but it is not the fault of the child and it is not a reason to split families up. Deportation doesn’t only affect the person who is being sent back to their home country but it also causes emotional damage to their family.
More people should become aware of this problem seeing that it’s not an issue that everyone hears about because it’s not something they have to worry about. I would present this topic so that people become aware of it by telling them about people that have went through this situation and how it impacted their life. Also showing the struggles illegal immigrants go through just to support their families so they can have a better future only to be torn apart. This can be changed by creating laws and supporting this movement.
“Anchor babies” is the term that refers to kids who are born in the United states but have parents who were born in another country. Immigration is a large issue but it’s not much talked about what happens to the kids of immigrants after they become deported. Some kids get sent to family members but others aren’t so lucky and get sent to foster care or adoption centers. There have been various times where I watched the news and stories of families reuniting after as many as 21 years because the parent was deported and the girl was put up for adoption and the parent wasn’t able to do anything in regards to who the child was given to. Separating a parent fro...

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...arents if that is what is decided. Right now I would say that I can get more information by contacting organizations that involve immigration, reading articles of past studies, and looking up information online.
Audiences that this topic would appeal to would be democrats for instance, The President Barack Obama has said in the past that he doesn’t agree with deporting parents and there has been a decrease in the amount of people removed from the country. Also the people with family member that aren’t U.S. citizens would want to be informed of what they could do to keep their loved one in his country. People that might oppose laws that are helpful to immigrants would be republicans and older people who are more old fashioned. Overall, I believe that more should be done to keep families together. Creating laws to protect these families would prevent horrible outcomes.

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