Deportation Of Immigrants : Immigration And Customs Enforcement Body Essay

Deportation Of Immigrants : Immigration And Customs Enforcement Body Essay

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Deportation of immigrants is an issue involving removal of immigrants from the United States of America to their respective countries after the determination by court cases (Allerfeldt 626). The process includes activities such as officers arresting the people who attempt to cross the borders and returning them to their countries. Moreover, the court cases may determine the position of immigrants in the U.S. and consider them invalid. These groups are also deported to their respective countries. The aliens in detention are part of people to be deported by the state. These groups involve individuals that illegally crossed the U.S. border as well as the people that have stayed beyond their permitted time in the United States of America. There are pros and cons attached to the illegal immigration deportation policies adopted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement body. Different grounds for deportation are documented in the U.S. policies. The illegal immigrants should be deported because the procedure enhances the economy of the federal, state and local government and reduces crime rates.
One of the oppositions of the deportation of illegal immigrants is based on the pursuit of a better life as the principal purpose of the immigration (Chan 165). The subject relies on the intention of immigrants in the U.S. and It is believed that the immigrants move to the U.S. to seek for better education, jobs, and living conditions. These reasons are considered genuine since they enhance the quality of life for the immigrants. They are also believed to have good intentions which would not necessitate deportation. They should not be carried back to their countries when they have positive intentions. Instead, they should be provided with rule...

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...migrants. These attributes may promote the possibility of crime from the aliens. Criminal activities may be associated with loss of life, theft, and smuggling of illegal materials to the United States.
The central issue in the case of deportation of illegal immigration is based on the consequences that would affect the nation. Deporting illegal immigrants has many benefits as compared to holding them within the country. The economic contributions made by illegal immigrants are insignificant as compared to the amount the government spends on essential services offered to immigrants. The intentions of the illegal immigrants cannot be accurately identified with the search for a better life or pursuit of happiness. But to make America great, undocumented aliens with heinous crimes should be deported and facilitate legal citizenship to those with good moral character.

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